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To the Aspiring Artist and Songwriter: Your Search for World Class Hip Hop Beats is Over!

Welcome to Bangin Beats By REL where you’ll find some of the best beats available on the internet.

Our industry is full of passion and built on the dreams of individuals seeking creative outlet for their unique expression and income for their refined ideas.

While the term "making it" is very different from one artist to another, one songwriter to another and one producer to another, we all have one need in common; that hot beat to serve as the foundation for a great song!

My name is Roger E Lear. I’m also known as REL and for over 22 years I have helped new as well as established artists create money making music.

I have built my career as a full time music producer by providing excellent quality music production and song writing services.

Also known as tracks and intrumentals, you now have access to the same quality beats that artists and entertainment companies pay thousands of dollars for.

For a fraction of the price paid by the pros with huge production budgets you can download fully produced, mixed and mastered beats for Hip Hop, Gospel, R&B / Neo-Soul, Spoken Word and Lounge / Down Tempo.

You can use these beats along with your lyrics for your demo, album, performances and promotions. You can also sell up to 2,500 copies royalty free.

All of my beats are complete arrangements with breaks and structure. They are pre-setup with chorus sections and three 12 or 16 bar verses.

Excellence is what I’m about. Quality is what I deliver. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the samples below and you’ll hear it for yourself!

Be sure to take advantage of this special offer: buy 4 beats and get the 5th beat FREE!

I look forward to hearing about your success. -REL

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Why You Should Buy Your Beats From Bangin Beats By REL:
Over 22 Years of Production & Beat Creation Experience.
100% Guaranteed Quality - All Beats Produced by REL.
Beats are Complete Arrangements with Breaks and Structure.
Beats are Pre-Setup with Chorus Section and Two or Three 12 or 16-Bar Verses.
Sell up to 2,500 Copies Royalty Free!
Get one beat FREE when you buy four!
Four SCR Albums Now Available
The SCR website is nearly finished and will be the home of my complete body of work, new artists and music as well as other products to stimulate and edify.
Until the SCR site is ready I offer you a sampling of four albums representing four different genres of music.
Go to the SCR Albums page to check these out!
REL's Remixes!
I am so excited about the birth (rebirth) of SCR-Entertainment..
I also do this to demonstrate what world class beats sound like with world class MC’s flowing over them.
This is a real example of how your flow can bang over a REL beat. The example below, Get It Off, is to Jay Z’s song: Dirt Off Your Shoulder.
Go to REL's Remixes page for more remixes!
Check Back Often For More Beats!
I have an entire library of beats from years of production that I'm in the process of reviewing and preparing for the site.
As I review each one for quality standards, I make it ready to upload for you.
So check back often to see what's new!
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Click a Play button Play Button below to listen to a New Beat sample.
SCR-B027 "Mo Fo U" $19.95
SCR-B026 "Jazzy Funk" $19.95
SCR-B025 "In The Hole" $19.95
SCR-B024 "West Coast Funk" $19.95
SCR-B023 "Symphony Funk" $19.95
SCR-B022 "The Intro" $19.95
SCR-B021 "TLC 520" $19.95
SCR-B008 "What?" $19.95
SCR-B009 "The Sexy" $19.95
SCR-B010 "The Lean" $19.95
SCR-B011 "Club Bounce" $19.95
SCR-B012 "Do It" $19.95
SCR-B013 "Dark Side" $19.95
SCR-B014 "Miles" $19.95
SCR-B015 "Ol School" $19.95
SCR-B016 "1 & 2 & 3 To The 4" $19.95
SCR-B017 "Story Time" $19.95
SCR-B018 "Blast Off" $19.95
SCR-B019 "Big Bottom" $19.95
SCR-B020 "Tech Bounce" $19.95
Click a Play button below to listen to a East Coast sample.
SCR-B026 "Jazzy Funk" **NEW** $19.95
SCR-B005 "Oooh" $19.95
SCR-B014 "Miles" $19.95
SCR-B015 "Ol School" $19.95
SCR-B017 "Story Time" $19.95
Click a Play button below to listen to a West Coast sample.
SCR-B024 "West Coast Funk" **NEW** $19.95
SCR-B023 "Symphony Funk" **NEW** $19.95
SCR-B001 "Feel My Truth" $19.95
SCR-B003 "Big Pimpin" $19.95
SCR-B006 "Ridin" $19.95
SCR-B007 "Slow Creep" $19.95
SCR-B013 "Dark Side" $19.95
Click a Play button below to listen to a Spoken Word sample.
SCR-B021 "TLC 520" **NEW** $19.95
Click a Play button below to listen to a Club Flavor sample.
SCR-B025 "In The Hole" **NEW** $19.95
SCR-B011 "Club Bounce" $19.95
SCR-B012 "Do It" $19.95
SCR-B018 "Blast Off" $19.95
SCR-B020 "Tech Bounce" $19.95
Click a Play button below to listen to a Dirty South sample.
Dirty South beats are coming soon!
Click a Play button below to listen to a Other Flavor sample.
SCR-B027 "Mo Fo U" ** NEW ** $19.95
SCR-B022 "The Intro" **NEW** $19.95
SCR-B002 "Get It Off" $19.95
SCR-B004 "Bang Bang" $19.95
SCR-B008 "What?" $19.95
SCR-B009 "The Sexy" $19.95
SCR-B010 "The Lean" $19.95
SCR-B016 "1 & 2 & 3 To The 4" $19.95
SCR-B019 "Big Bottom" $19.95
From a recent testimonial:
"As a faithful new client of REL and Bangin Beats, I would recommend the experience to anyone. Anyone who is interested in GROOVY MUSIC, professional sound quality and creatively diverse musical styles; personalized client support and hassle free shipping - across the board, it has been an amazing indication of how easy and how wonderful it is to be able to access and acquire exceptional music production and creative genius at an incredible price." [More]